Double Monsters

Double Monsters / Doublers
The combined form of the Double Man and the BEM Kaiju. They have a monster form as well as a human form and work along with Crushers.
Sai Doubler
Shamo Doubler
Kama Doubler
Hyou Doubler
Aogame Doubler
Kyouryuu Doubler
Kera Doubler
Mitsubachi Doubler
Kurage Doubler
Kumo Doubler
Sabre Doubler
Goshiki Doubler
Gas Doubler
Jaaku Doubler
Hakkotsu Doubler
Magic Doubler
Keibi Doubler
Saimin Doubler
Totsugeki Doubler
Kaibutsu Doubler
Doctor Doubler
Guts Doubler
Urami Doubler
Anahori Doubler
Gang Doubler
Nottori Doubler
Youkai Doubler
Jigoku Doubler
Buffalo Doubler