Two evil ladies created under Mad Galant's rule in order to locate the long-extinct Pirazahl and revive it as a weapon against Juspion.
Episode 10
A sea coral-shielded seal-faced samurai warrior who lived deep in the sea since his first death more than 900 years ago. He and Mad Galant concocted a plan of creating missile dolphins to destroy every litoranean town in Japan. Zamurai fights with a spear and hidden swords, and was practically granted immortality thanks to his Megabeast (Umiblar)'s existence.
Episode 19
A mariachi-looking space murderer (with his own Mexican-sounding background music) dead millennia ago, raised from his eternal casket by Satan Gorth himself. He lured Juspion into a blind cave to study all of the hero's weapons and powers in order to kill and entomb him forever. Giller was the only villain in the whole series not to die at Juspion's hands (it is even uncertain if Giller is really dead after the cave collapsed on him).
Episode 20
Brima's teacher of dark arts, she placed an evil curse on Kanoko to try to discover where it was that her father took the Picture of the Phoenix. She had many supernatural abilities, including powers of illusion and shooting sticky spiderwebs from her hands to entangle Juspion. She also used her pet giant spider Kumorda to attack Juspion, aiding it by using her illusions to make impossible for any enemy to detect her true location. But Juspion discovered that Chikita was inside her pet and slashed at the area where she was, resulting in both her and Kumorda being destroyed.
Episode 22
Gazami Brothers
Space mercenary brothers who pillaged and destroyed several planets (amidst them Koko's planet Drods). Gazami 2 is first terminated by Juspion; in a devilish attempt to avenge his brother, Gazami 1 (along with Megabeast Borger) tackles the hero and gets destroyed as well.
Episodes 25-26
Cutey Girls
A trio of young evil women composed of Cutey Ace, Cutey Heart & Cutey Queen . They were in charge of kidnapping young sportsters and turning them into savage beasts under Mad Galant's control. Their true form is a Cerberus-like 3-Faced Beast Warrior .
Episode 27
An android with a western face who extensively studied Juspion's and Daileon's attributes in order to predict their attacks. He and his Megabeast Aiger could only be defeated when Juspion performed a new fighting move - unknown to Aigerman -, allowing to his downfall.
Episode 28
Silk, Kenga and Zahul
Three yakuza-styled mobsters (Silk is human while Kenga and Zahul are his cyborg hirelings), hunted down incessantly by Boomerang for provoking several wars in the world. He allied Mad Galant in a double, menacing plan of kidnapping several children to be killed, unless a big ransom is paid in gold bars stolen from Japan Bank Co. This plan, however, was just a set-up to keep Juspion and Boomerang busy while underworking Mad Galant's true plan: to bomb Japan sea coast with nuclear warheads, thus producing strong earthquakes to literally sink the whole country into the ocean. Silk is perhaps the only human in the entire series to be pulverized by Juspion's Cosmic Halley attack.
Episode 31
An old alien scientist from planet Elox who abducts domestic robots and electronic devices on Earth to use as lethal weapons working for Satan Goss.
Episode 32
A reptilian-looking alien specialising in culinary arts, he created an evil duplicate of Miya in order to lure Juspion into a devious trap involving poisoned food. Dragoon can fire small powerful energy orbs and fights with a rapier sword.
Episode 37