Battle Mechanoids
The Battle Mechanoids are under Dethzero's command.
A spider-like Battle Machineman with massive shoulders and hidden weapons such as an electrical laser under its faceplate that was deployed to deal with Spielban and Diana. During the battle Spielban managed to blast off the robot's arms, but the ring on its back remained and was used to bind Spielban. Gathering the strength he had left Spielban broke free and destroyed MechaShoulder with Arc Impulse.
Episode 1
A Battle Machineman built following Mecha Shoulder's demise. While investigating the Waller's latest scheme Spielban was lured into a trap/battle against MechaBander. It had multiple arms, including two large hands and an axe-equipped arm. Also included in its arsenal are electrical dischargers in its shoulders. Spielban survived the first encounter against MechaBander, but the two fought once more. This time Spielban had a plan, scanning the robot for a weak spot. He attacked/blasted the device on the robot's head weakening it and disabling the dischargers before ultimately killing it.
Episode 1"2

MechaShocker can extend cables from his chest and blast electrical lasers from the cable's tips. MechaShocker has a bazooka hidden in the right hump, next to its face, which he used to blast Spielban. The battle did not last long as Spielban made short of the robot with his sword's finishing attack.
Episode 2"3
This character is also sometimes called MechaProcessor. Spielban spotted Helen while out patrolling the city, however his search for her was cut short by the appearance of Mechaputer. Mechaputer had all of Spielban's attacks downloaded into its system. As a result it could predict Spielban's attacks before he made them, making Mechaputer able to attack, defend and evade as it pleased. Spielban warped the battle to an empty rock quarry when Deathzero's army arrived. Spielban made short work of the jets and retreated from the battle. Helen was then forced to set up a trap for her brother and lured him into another fight with Mechaputer. This time Diana was in battle and Mechaputer had no data on her, so it was brought down and weakened by Diana and Spielban's combined laser attack. It was finally destroyed by Spielban's sword finishing attack.
Episodes 4"5
A small robotic tank that was assigned to guard the Waller's new underwater lab. Daigorou and a friend were fishing nearby and accidentally snagged MechaAquactor. The robot then pulled them both into the aquatic base where they were greeted by the bathing suit-clad Rikki, Gasher, and Shadow. Shortly afterwards the men were released after the Waller femmes fatale flirted with them. Daigorou told Spielban about the underwater paradise, which made him suspect that the Waller may be involved. After discovering the lab Spielban was attacked by Waller's jets and MechaAquactor. MechaAquactor mercilessly drove over Spielban and then transformed into a full humanoid form. Spielban took a heavy beating but was saved thanks to a recharge from Diana. Spielban used his finishing attack on MechaAquactor while riding his motorcycle. Aquactor seems to come from the combined words of "aqua" and "tractor".
Episodes 6"7
A machine gun-themed samurai robot equipped with machine gun blasters concealed under his shoulder pads. This robot could also blast a powerful laser from the sphere-like apparatus in his forehead. The Waller's plan this time was to target Diana. Once Diana was isolated at a dam, MechaMachine appeared with the Kinclons to fight her. Diana held her own as long as she could, but MechaMachine was too strong. It broke her Lady Sniper and threw her off the dam. Injured and bleeding, Diana fled into the woods where she came face to face with Helen. Helen treated Diana's wounds but was forced to flee from the Waller's soldiers when they appeared. Both ladies parted ways and Diana once again faced off with MechaMachine, but Spielban came to the rescue this time. Loaning his gun to Diana they both destroyed MechaMachine.
Episode 8
A robot originally created by Daigorou. An attractive businesswoman came into the Edison shop and offered him a great sum of money if he would construct a robot for her. Daigorou, infatuated by the mystery woman, was more than happy to accept the job. The woman was really Rikki in disguise and the Waller's plan was to use the goofy inventor's creation to launch a sneak attack on Spielban. He went to work dreaming about the possibilities of fame, fortune, and women. Daigorou finally finished his robot but knock-out gas filled his shop and the Kinclons added their own secret modifications. A party was held to celebrate the robot's creation, but the robot secretly attacked Spielban with a small deadly needle in its finger. Spielban faked his demise as he was wearing protective body armor under his jacket. The robot discarded its creator's logo and changed into its Battle Mechanoid form. Spielban went into battle with it and destroyed it with his finishing attack.
Episode 10
A robotic sniper armed with a laser rifle and a sword. It was also the first Machine Man with the ability to speak. At the beginning of the episode, Spielban came face to face with a mystery man in a cowboy hat and poncho. MechaGunman and Spielban exchanged gunfire, but MechaGunman left the battle and demanded a showdown for later. This was also the first fight which left Spielban injured. Spielban modified his own gun and practiced his target shooting on board the Grand Nasca. Meanwhile the Waller examined the data MechaGunman had managed to collect on Spielban. When the two had their second gunfight MechaGunman had new surprises. MechaGunman generated a radar and a red laser shield to deflect Spielban's fire. Diana joined the fight but didn't fare much better against the shield. She was quickly defeated, but her fall gave Spielban the motivation to short out the gunman's shield and destroy the robot once and for all.
Episodes 10"11
A robot based on a freezer and other household appliances. MechaFreezer could use his right arm like a vacuum to attack, as well as a fan-like apparatus built into his chest to blast Spielban and Diana with fierce winds and ice spray. An average family was given the chance to live their lives in comfort and fortune in a futuristic house with a safe filled with money. The youngest son felt something was not quite right about the house but the boy's parents and older siblings began to let greed set in as they became more and more conceited. The boy was a friend of Spielban's, so Spielban personally took a look at the house only to get booted out by the parents. Diana had a different approach, placing a spy camera there disguised a toy, courtesy of the Edison Shop. One night the appliances began to behave strangely. The two heroes charged in to witness the birth of MechaFreezer. By combing their efforts, Spielban and Diana were able to destroy MechaFreezer.
Episode 12
A drill-themed robot. The episode began with Spielban on a high speed chase to rescue a bus full of children and a teacher from the Kinclons, but waiting for him was DrillHander. While Spielban engaged in combat his bike was stolen. Deathzero then announced to Spielban that he had a choice to either recover his bike, or save the children from a bomb. Unable to do both, Spielban retreated to the Grand Nasca to formulate a plan to rescue both the bike and the children. Throughout the episode a narration recaps all the Spielban arsenal in action as well as the two Metal Heroes' training. After training with a holographic swordsman, Spielban finally has a plan. Diana uses her sex appeal to distract the Kinclon guards while Spielban sneaks into the abandoned warehouse. Meanwhile Deathzero was trying to dismantle the bike to extract any useful information, but had no luck. Spielban finds the hostages, but is ambushed by DrillHander. The bike suddenly springs to life, breaks free of the restraints and aids its master. Spielban kills DrillHander with his finishing attack while he rides his motorcycle.
Episode 14
A gorilla-themed robot. Bosskong had spikes on his fists, and could launch his fists like flying maces at Spielban and Diana in battle. The Waller took a local camping site hostage; two men made an attempt to escape but were stopped by the robotic primate. The two men were recaptured, restrained, and tortured by the Kinclons. A young boy also tries to escape and is successful. Spielban finds the child and learns about the hostage situation. As Spielban makes his way to the campsite, BossKong is spying on him. He manages to free everyone, but Spielban finds himself in serious trouble against BossKong. Diana comes to the rescue, but her efforts against BossKong do not fare any better. BossKong takes hold of Spielban's sword with its jaws and, to reclaim it, Spielban hops onto the monkey's back, pounding it repeatedly until BossKong overheats. Spielban used his finishing attack to destroy BossKong.
Episode 16
A powerful white robot equipped with a hook and a large blaster pack on its shoulder. Blocker has the ability to detach its arms to attack its opponents. Spielban's friend, a young child named Nobuo, was playing a motorcycle arcade game. Nobuo was then approached by a stranger who offered him a chance to try out a new arcade game. The game was a trap and Nobuo's mind became trapped inside a virtual world. Spielban follows and has his mind trapped as well. Inside the virtual world, and unable to transform, Spielban went through endless bizarre events during his quest to find Nobuo. Every time Spielban came close to Nobuo and the mysterious man, his location kept changing from the urban city, to rock quarries, to train yards. With each new setting there were simulated people who looked harmless but attacked him without warning, including a pair of white robotic hands. The hands belonged to the robot Blocker. Meanwhile, his real body was transported to a hospital with Diana watching over him. Every injury Spielban sustained in the virtual world, his body also suffered. His body was also in danger as the surgeon treating it was Blocker in disguise. The surgeon attacked Diana, who pleaded Spielban to wake up. Spielban managed to wake up from his virtual nightmare to battle Blocker. He managed to cut off Blocker's arms and kick off its head, but it makes no difference and the robot continues to attack. It was finally defeated for good by Spielban's finishing sword attack. Nobuo is saved as well and is eager to play more video games.
Episode 17
A fire-breathing kangaroo-like robot with a high-jumping ability. Doberilar could blast laser spheres from its mouth as well as unleash a tiny airplane-like camera from its chest. The camera had the ability to fire lasers as well as spy on targets through its single lens. Spielban fought with this robot by itself, as well as with Hellvira at the same time. Hellvira at this time having been forced to fight against her will. Once Spielban knocked Hellvira down, this robot was destroyed soon afterwards by his finishing attack while he rode his motorcycle.
Episode 18
An electricity-themed robot that can attack with electricity. A robotics professor was visiting the Edison shop with his collection of robots. The robots looked more like oversized toys, except for one that was modeled with the appearance (and strength) of a weightlifter, called Samson. Later that night Electroilar used its electrical current to take control of the robots, including the robot strongman. Spielban went to look for the missing robots and found them causing havoc throughout the city. While Spielban battled the robots he tried to reason with Samson, but Electroilar gave it more juice to overpower Spielban. While regrouping at the Edison Shop Daigorou told Spielban and Diana that the professor grew depressed and went to find his beloved robots on his own. Spielban then disguised himself as a robot for the Waller to capture, but his plan was complicated when the Kinclons found the inventor snooping around and captured him. Spielban removed his disguise and battled Electroilar while Diana took on Samson. Diana was saved when the professor snipped the wires in Samson's head, disabling it. Electroilar still remained but Spielban transported the battle to a rock quarry where it was destroyed by his finishing sword attack. The professor was then reunited with all of his stolen robots, including the strongman robot.
Episode 19
A wheel-themed robot that could launch wheel-themed discs and blast lasers from his eyes in battle. The discs he launched matched the theme of the wheels that were on his body. This robot was used, alongside Shadow, Gasher, and Rikki, to help capture a scientist and his android wife. The android wife was destroyed in battle by Wheelder. Wheelder controlled a humvee-like vehicle of his own which he brought out in battle against Spielban and Diana. First Spielban used the power of his motorcycle to destroy the humvee. Then Spielban destroyed this robot, with his finishing attack whilst riding his motorcycle. Afterwards, Spielban and Diana helped the scientist and made sure he would arrive safely to his next destination.
Episode 20
A shaman-like shark-themed robot that had a humanoid and a robotic form. He managed to brainwash a KISS-like rock group into becoming an assassin group for the Waller. This robotic creature fought both Spielban and Diana inside a cave which was set as a trap for the hero. Later in the battle Sartan revealed that it could launch the fin-shaped blade on the top of his head at the heroes, which they managed to destroy. When Sartan was destroyed by Spielban with his sword's finishing attack, the spell on everyone he had brainwashed was broken.
Episode 22
A robot that could roll up into a ball and attack. It also had the strength to toss heavy boulders. While on Demon Mountain, Spielban and Diana confronted Godoilar during a search for a researcher that was last seen near the location by his little boy and girl. It was later revealed that the researcher had been kidnapped by Deathzone and the female spy team after he had discovered the Waller's new base. Godoilar had been created to guard the Waller's newly built base on Demon Mountain by killing anyone who dared to even approach the place with his vicious traps and weapons. Diana managed to locate the base and destroy it, while Spielban went into battle with Godoilar. In battle, Godoilar managed to throw heavy boulders on Spielban and pin him down, as well as blast lasers from his eyes. Spielban managed to escape from being pinned and destroy Godoilar with his finishing attack. After Godoilar and the base were destroyed, and Deathzero and the spies retreated, Spielban and Diana helped the two children and their father re-unite in a safer place at a safer time.
Episode 23