New Battle Mechanoids
The New Battle Mechanoids are a stronger series of Battle Mechanoids.
Guillotine personally supervised Puncher's construction. After the two kunoichi completed their training, Guillotine presented them with brand new kunai. One of Puncher's abilities was to detach its massive claw on its right arm and launch it at the enemy. The claw could operate separately from the main body and held a tight grasp on Spielban during their battle. After Diana broke free from the Kinclons she joined the fight, but sadly her efforts made no difference. Puncher was powerful, but was eventually destroyed by Spielban.
Episode 25
This robotic creature has a snake tail instead of legs. She was built by Guillotine and Deathzero, who planned to use her as a part of Guillotine's plan against Spielban. Medor could blast arrows from her one, bow-like arm, as well as crack her tail like a whip and bind enemies (like Spielban) with it in battle. Spielban managed to destroy Medor with his finishing attack. Spielban figured out later that Medor was not Helen, and that Helen was still alive and out there somewhere for him to find one day.
Episode 26
A copper-colored bat-themed robot who was sent, alongside Kinclons, to capture an alien couple who crash landed on Earth. The alien travelers story was much like Spielban and Diana's, which had happened years ago. Spielban managed to rescue the female, while the male was successfully captured by the Waller. Batilar launched and latched his tentacled tongue onto the spaceman, draining him of his blue-colored blood while storing his robotic bat-like body. The blood was then turned into blue-like stones/pearls that were given to Pandora and used as an offering to the Waller deity. As the alien hostages were being taken back Spielban appeared and rescued them, which lead to him and Diana having a battle with Batilar, Deathzero, and the Kinclons. After the Kinclons had been taken care of, Spielban fought Batilar, who attacked by biting him on the neck. Though overwhelming at first, Spielban endured and destroyed this robot with his sword finisher attack.
Episode 27
A disk player-themed robot. This robot helped in the Waller's plot to use CDs, with Pandora's voice, to hypnotize and lure/trap pregnant women into their clutches. The Waller planned to use the babies for their own evil deeds. Diana disguised herself as one of these women and ended up in the same trap as the others before Spielban came to the rescue. After the pregnant women were saved, Spielban and Diana took on the Waller forces and Disk together. Disk could launch/blast disks from his arm/hand in battle, use a giant disk as a shield to reflect attacks made by Spielban and Diana, as well as reflect sunbeams as lasers to blast the heroes. Like many robots before it Disk was eventually destroyed by Spielban's finishing sword attack.
Episode 28
This football-themed robot attacked Diana with the help of Hellvira. With an injured leg, Diana could not withstand the combined onslaught of Hellvira and Offside. When Offside removes the football on its head and kicks it towards his opponents, the ball detonates upon impact. Offside used the football on his head and tried to tackle Spielban repeatedly in battle, both to no avail. Offside was destroyed by Spielban, but Diana was left in critical condition.
Episode 29
A van-themed robot. After Helen failed to harm Spielban, and it was discovered that her transformation remote was no longer working, Carman was sent to destroy Spielban and bring back Helen. Carman could transform between his Battle Mechanoid form as well as take the form of a regular-looking SUV. In regular form, he can blast lasers from his high beams and could produce a force field-like shield to deflect Spielban's attacks. In battle Spielban managed to blast and destroy this robot's rear-end, which seemed to slow it down long enough to be destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack, which Spielban implemented while riding his motorcycle.
Episode 30
A bee-themed robot, Antom can spray acidic liquid from its mouth that could destroy anything it touched. Antom could also release miniature robotic bees that stung and electrocuted Spielban, Diana Lady, and Helen Lady, attempting to fry their armor's circuits in the process. Antom can also drill its tongue into a building's foundation to cause it to quake and crumble to pieces. He was destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.
Episode 31
A walking tree-like robot. He appeared when the Waller Empire's scheme was to turn people/Earthlings into plants. Ivyara grew from seedlings that the Kinclons were delivering on unmarked trucks across the city. After he grew he went into battle with Spielban, Diana, and Helen. Ivyara could launch vines from its mouth and fingers. These vines could bind and shock Spielban and the girls. He was eventually killed by Spielban's finishing attack.
Episode 32
A motorcycle-based robot. Guillotine had infiltrated a biker gang and planned to use them, and this robot, to destroy Spielban for him. Biker could transform between his Battle Mechanoid form as well as take the form of a regular-looking motorcycle. Diana's Lady Sniper did not seem to affect it. Spielban was able to destroy it in battle with his finishing move.
Episode 33
A balloon-themed robot. He appeared around Christmas when the Waller Empire's scheme was to use him/his powers to devour the dreams of children. Dreampacker could release a binding, glowing balloon in battle as well as fire explosive laser spheres. He was eventually destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.
Episode 34
He was used during the Waller Empire's scheme to give Earthlings magic mirrors on New Year's Eve that were supposed to make the Earthlings look beautiful. In reality, these mirrors turned people into mummies, through the use of magic from the deity Waller. Liondon first appeared in the guise of a kimono lion, hence the name. Liondon is a rollerskate-themed robot who wore rollerskates and resembled a giant rollerskate. He threw explosive parasol umbrellas at Spielban in battle. In battle he could also extend his arms and neck to fit his needs and can blast bladed arrows, mini-missiles and fire from his mouth. He was destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.
Episode 35
A red robot with three yellow eyes and a bazooka-type weapon mounted on his right shoulder. Not fully trusting the Youki's plan, Rikki tried to convince Guillotine and Deathzero to use added measures. After Walther appeared, Youki and the Mumumu pulled back and left Walther to destroy the heroes. Spielban, Diana, and Helen combined their laser blasts in order to weaken him. Spielban then destroyed him with his finishing attack.
Episode 36
A brain-themed robot with its brains on its chest. Youki abducted a couple of scientists and drained their knowledge into the robot so that he could steal a device that the couple had developed for the Empire. The device supposedly contained technology that could boost the Waller's technology, as they had nothing like it at the time. Spielban and Diana combined their laser blasts to destroy the robot's brains, which held the transferred knowledge of the scientists. The scientists gained back their stolen knowledge afterwards. It was destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.
Episode 38
Youki Battle Mechanoid
A scrap-metal robot created by Youki. Its scrapped body seemed to have previously been that of Dreampacker's since it had Dreampacker's right foot, covered with Blocker's head and helmet, Godoilar's body and legs, Sharinder's right arm, Puncher's right arm which was used for a left arm, and Mechaputer's left foot. It attacked only once before it was destroyed by Vacuumer, though it did manage to attack Vacuumer and Deathzero before being reduced back to scrap.
Episode 39
A heavy-armored fan-themed robot that can suck anyone toward him or blow them away with gusts from his built-in fans. When Youki rebelled against the Waller and took over the Gamedeath, this robot was summoned to deal with him. It sucked up all of Youki's power and destroyed the Youki Battle Mechanoid. Later it was sent to destroy Spielban, Diana, and Helen, with Deathzero and his fleet in tow. Spielban destroyed it with his finishing move, soon after confronting it.
Episode 39
A green, scaly dragon/lizard-themed robotic creature that was dressed like a samurai warrior. He sought to wield the Legendary Demon Sword. With it, Kumason would become more powerful than Spielban in battle. Eventually, he and Deathzero discovered the "fossilized" sword, but realized it needed electrical energy (lightning) to recharge its power. The granddaughter of the sword's temple keeper used her energy to turn the sword back into a fossil after Spielban saved her. This distraction and loss allowed Spielban to destroy the weakened Kumason with his finishing sword attack.
Episode 40
A movie camera-themed robot, Movieman was used in Deathzero's plan to make a film. In the movie Deathzero would win Diana and defeat Spielban. In battle Movieman could blast powerful lasers from his camera lens eye and teleport in flashes of light. Movieman could also create translucent decoy images of himself and bind his opponents with movie reel tentacles. Movieman confronted and captured Diana first before going into battle with Spielban and Helen. Movieman eventually had to battle Spielban, Helen, and Diana after Helen rescued her, but it was destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.
Episode 41
This robot resembles a walrus. Blizzer had the ability to freeze water pipes as well as freeze his opponents with built-in ice-blowers. To keep from being frozen Spielban, Diana, and Helen were given anti-freeze defense on their armor. Spielban tried to reflect Blizzer's attacks back to him, but Blizzer was also equipped with a flamethrower and melted through the ice. Eventually it was destroyed by Spielban with the help of Diana in the Grand Nasca, who managed to freeze him with his own laser long enough for Spielban to use his finishing attack to destroy him.
Episode 42