Waller Empire

Waller Empire
The Waller Empire is the main villain group in Spielban. From their winged turtle-like mobile fortress called the Waller Castle Gamedeath, they search for water throughout the universe to sustain the life of its deity Waller Empire's Guardian Spirit Waller.
Queen Pandora
Supposedly receiving orders from the guardian deity Waller, she in turn orders the heads of the three armies. In actuality, she is the true leader of the empire, creating the concept of Waller and its cruel intolerance for failure to keep her true position a secret from the generals. During the finale, she splits into two creatures named Pandora Battle Mechanoid and Pandora Lifeform in order to fight the heroes herself. Thought to have been destroyed, Pandora endures and merges her two forms into the more powerful Pandora Life-Mechanoid. Spielban and his allies are powerless until Ben appears and injects Pandora with a virus, weakening her long enough for Spielban to destroy her.
Emperor Guillotine
He claims to be a descendant of Waller, which therefore makes him a relative of Pandora. He was summoned from the 23rd century, by a talking gerbil created by Dr. Bio's experiments, from the life of a street beggar to help Pandora in the present. The gerbil told him that his life as a beggar was caused by Spielban. Though he treats his followers and allies as somewhat disposable, he remains eternally loyal to his Queen. Guillotine kept the talking gerbil for a pet, who is later left to Pandora, after he is rifted and destroyed. He dislikes Youki from the start, sensing that this new general will betray the Waller. Guillotine is dressed similarly to a rebel biker. He falls into a dimensional rift and returns as a ghost. As a ghostly form he invades the Grand Nasca and attempts to torture Helen. In this form his right arm has been replaced by a small, living, snake-like monster, which he could launch at the heroes. He was eventually defeated by Spielban with the help of the Grand Nasca's energy. The talking gerbil was later contained and killed by Dr. Ben during the finale.
Episodes 24"40, 43
Machine Army Leader General Deathzero
Leader of Waller's Battle Mechanoids he is a black-armored android who is programmed with a knowledge of all tactics. He can transform into the Deathzero Torpedo, a black headed missile that is launched from a catapult. He transforms into this form twice during the series (Episodes 24 and 42), which coincidentally were the only two times he battled Spielban himself. It was strongly hinted that Deathzero was attracted to Diana. He later challenges Spielban to a second battle (both inside and outside of his tank), now having become/been promoted to Super General and powered with a 10,000 volt cylinder given to him by Pandora. He is destroyed by Spielban soon afterwards, with Spielban using his infamous finishing attack.
Episodes 1"42
Bio Army Leader Doctor Bio
Formerly Spielban's father, Doctor Ben. Because of his great skills in biology he was captured by the Waller Empire and converted into the leader of Waller's Bio Army. He creates Biohumans and Battle-Lifeforms with Lifeform Modification Surgery. He was also protective of Helen and constantly watched over her like a father would. Bio can unleash vine-like appendages from his arms and wields a giant sword in battle. In his first and only battle against Spielban he mutated and ended up in a Bioroid monster form, Bioroid Bio (ep 21, 30). Bioroid Bio's abilities included transforming into plant life and/or slime and summoning small bee-like creatures and tentacles from his body. In this battle Helen tries to protect, and prevent him from fighting, his son Spielban before she was forcibly transformed into Hellvira to fight too. Pandora sets up an explosive trap to kill Bio, Helen, Diana, and Spielban all at once though, unfortunately for her, all four of them survive. Bio uses his slime morphing ability to pull his daughter and himself to safety. After surviving the battle Bio returns to the Empire and transforms into a floating brain with eyeballs and a spinal cord. Dr. Bio breaks Helen's remote control and is attacked by Deathzero under Pandora's orders. Afterwards Pandora takes away his privilege of moving around freely and imprisons him in a water-filled glass tube. He returns to his Dr. Bio form, with Pandora's efforts, and is returned to his original human Doctor Ben self, via the energy of the Gamedeath, soon afterwards. During the final he is killed by Pandora when she battles the heroes and he intervenes to help them destroy her. Doctor Ben was "restored to life" in the alternate future timeline in which the Waller Empire never existed.
Episodes1"21, 43
Spy Army Leader Rikki
Leader of the Waller's all-female spy army. At one point she tricks the owner of the Edison shop, Daigorou Koyama, into building a prototype for a Battle Mechanoid. She often spies and comes up with cruel plans for the Waller, but is not one for combat. After she interferes with Youki's plan, Pandora angrily turns her into a stone statue for Youki to use as his throne. After Youki's death, the talking gerbil was given this throne for his own. During the finale, it disappears though it was presumably destroyed when the Gamedeath exploded.
Episodes 1"36
Shadow & Gasher
Rikki's aides and fellow spies in Waller's all-female Spy Army. They assist Rikki in almost every evil scheme she creates and employs against Spielban and Diana. Spielban manages to destroy them both with a single strike of his sword when they tried to attack him during a vulnerable time per Guillotine's orders. Unfortunately for them he had gained a second wind, shocking the Waller. Even if he had not they would have been destroyed anyway, as the daggers exploded during the battle. Guillotine had tricked them into wielding the daggers, having promised them an increase in rank for killing Spielban. Upon being destroyed, they were revealed to be robots as they leave behind mechanical pieces and chunks of metal.
Episodes 1"25
A new Waller officer and androgynic entity created from the evil hearts of men by the Waller deity's (Pandora's) power. He gathered key members of Japanese society and brainwashed them into joining his own secret society, Mumumu. He uses these brainwashed characters to attack and terrorize the city, as well as Spielban and the heroes. Spielban was able to save the brainwashed masses. Youki can appear and disappear at will, as well as blast lasers from his mouth in battle which he first demonstrates in a fight against Spielban. Not trusted by many of the other officers Youki eventually decides to take over Waller, creating the Youki Battle Mechanoid from the remains of various Battle Mechanoids. Vacuumer destroys Youki's creation and sucks up most of his powers. Afterwards, Pandora kills the weakened Youki with his corpse given a funeral before being sent into the depths of space.
Episodes 35"39
Waller's mass-produced Battle Machine Soldiers, garbed in black tights with gold stripes, smiling gold masks with red eye slits, and black and gold capes. Some Kinclons attack with capes, some by kicking their detonating heads at Spielban, and some are equipped with blades on their hands. There was also a Kinclon with a robotic head which was revealed upon being struck by Spielban's Twin Blade. This one seemed stronger than the normal Kinclons, but was destroyed by Spielban just the same.