The Sorcerers Clan

The Sorcerers Clan
The Sorcerers Clan are the main antagonists of the series led by the patriarch Dokusai. They possess half of the Inscription which contains the location of Pako
Org Ninja Dokusai
The leader of the Sorcerers Clan, whose true face is concealed with an Oni mask. Formerly a ninja from the Togakure school who trained alongside Tetsuzan, he attempted to steal the clay map leading to the Pako due to his personal greed, but ended up escaping with only half of the map before he revived the Sorcerers Clan. He begins to demonstrate his true powers from Episode 37 and onward, as he shows various skills such as shooting ray of lights from his arms or confusing Jiraiya by changing his face to that of Tetsuzan's. He was revealed to be entirely faceless during the final episode.
Butterfly Ninja Benikiba
Dokusai's daughter. A master of disguises who can assume the shape of any person, from a young schoolgirl to Toha himself. Her special technique is the Sorcerer Ninja Art Restless Butterfly . She surrenders and escapes during the final battle. The name "Benikiba" translates to "crimson fang".
Star Ninja Retsukiba
A young ninja from the Sorcerers Clan who takes charge of the clan's frontline activities. He can shoot rays of light from the cross-shaped shuriken on his mask, as well as produce fire through sorcery. He is also a skilled archer. Just like Benikiba, he surrenders and escapes alive in the end. The name "Retsukiba" means "Violent Fang". His most and only notable performance occurred at the first episode of the series, in a climatic battle against Jiraiya.
The Torinin Karastengu
Bird Ninjas Karasutengu
The underlings of the Sorcerers Clan. While there are numerous of them working for the Sorcerers Clan, they were work primarily as a group of three. They take their appearances from the mythical creatures of the same name and are able to fly at will. Their weapons include calthrop bombs and dart-shooting blowguns. They're easily defeated in battle due to being incredible weak. They fly by making a breaststroke-like gesture. They always end their phrases with the onomatopoeia "yansu".
Witch Ninja Madam Spider
A female ninja closely acquainted with Dokusai who can change between two different human forms or into a spider. She first appears in Episode 37. She uses weapons such as spider-shaped bombs and electric discharging spider-web and even has the magic powers to summon the souls of deceased World Ninjas into the living world. Her regular human form is known as her "front form", while the one she uses as a public disguise is her "rear form". She has a flirtatious, but respectful relationship with Dokusai.
Special Ninja Team
An elite group of five ninjas chosen by the Sorcerers Clan in Episode 16. Each member is named after a different element: Fire, Water, Land, Wood and Wind . Each member has a skill which utilizes the elements they're named after: Hi can engulfed his whole body in flames and throw fireballs; Mizu can swim in high speed in water and use high water pressure in his attacks; Ki can turn himself into wood and ram himself into the enemy; Tsuchi can launch attacks from underground; and Kaze can rush attack in high-speed by surrounding his body in a tornado, as well control the wind itself. Kaze is afraid of the sound of raging winds due to the fact that he lost his parents on a night with strong winds. He studied his art with the hopes of overcoming his fear, which proves unsuccessful when the group fought Jiraiya.
Wind Ninja Mafuuba
After the Special Ninja Team was defeated, the Sorcerers Clan revived Kaze by turning him into a cyborg ninja. Mafuuba has all abilities from his deceased Special Ninja Team comrades in addition to his own, while fully overcoming his phobia of strong winds. He wields a pistol and sword cane and rides an enhanced motorcycle known as the Shadow Mach, which rivals the performance rate of Jiraiya's Black Saber. Although an enemy of Jiraiya at first, he was unable to tolerate the injustices committed by the Sorcerers and departed from the group to become Jiraiya's ally. The name "Mafu-ba" translates "Destroying Wind Horse".
Killer and Commando
Two mercenaries employed by the Sorcerers Clan during Episodes 34 and 35. Killer wields a kusarigama, while Commando uses a shotgun and a long spear.
Sorcerer Behemoth Gohma
A giant beast that Dokusai managed to revive using a wicked magical skull in Episodes 34 and 35. He brandishes a spear and fires out flames from his mouth when angry.