World Ninjas

World Ninjas
The World Ninjas
are the worldwide ninja warriors who are searching to find Pako, as well as the Yamaji family and the Sorcerers Clan. All of them represent a single country, and having their own special abilities and fight techniques. Some of them are enemies and want Pako for evil goals, but there are also allies that wish to protect the world treasure. Each one represents a different country and possess a variety of unique abilities.
Castle Ninja Baron Owl
A British ninja descended from a Crusader who resembles a knight. Rides white horse named Juji-Go . He wields a broadsword called the Cross King Sword, as well as crucifix-shaped shurikens. He challenges Jiraiya for the possession of his clay board in order to obtain the Pako and use it for peaceful purposes as a sent-off to martyrs that had die for noble causes, but later becomes his ally. Most of his dialogue consists of a mixture of Japanese and English.
Jail Ninja Haburamu
Turkish ninja tasked with the protection of the Green Flame, a precious emerald from the Topkapi Palace. Wields a large knife and sword, as well as long chain. In Episode 3, he is tricked into fighting Jiraiya by the Sorcerers Clan, but reconciles with him by the end of the episode. In Episode 15, he inadvertently releases Manin Sylvia from her prison and returns to Japan to seek Jiraiya's assistance. He is a devout Muslim who never misses a prayer.
Anthropomorphic Ninja Vermillion Lizard
A sword collecting ninja who wanders the world in search for the most valuable ones. A wanderer who has traveled the world in order to master every sort of sword fighting and ninja techniques, he is a skilled warrior feared by even Dokusai himself. He wields lizard-shaped throwing stars and bombs, as well as a hand cannon, while having the ability to transform into a large lizard. In Episode 5, he attempts to challenge Jiraiya for the Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword, but fails. He becomes Jiraiya's ally and in Episode 31, he discovers the Nobutora Sword that was stolen from a museum in Paris, but is forced to return it to authorities. In Episode 41, he becomes possessed when he wields the Dark Sword that originally belonged to Demost.
Explosive Ninja Rocket Man
An American ninja who specializes in explosives and gunpowder. Wields a rocket launcher, which he usually carries on his back. However, he is not adept at close-quarters combat. A Vietnam War veteran, he decided to flee from the conflict after he encountered a young girl named Tao whose parents were killed. He faked his death and adopted Tao as his own daughter. In Episode 14, he goes to Japan for the first time in order to clear his name after the Sorcerers Clan framed for a bombing and kidnapping he didn't commit. In Episode 44, he is forced to fight Jiraiya against his will when Tao is kidnapped by the Sorcerers Clan. After Tao is rescued, he returns alongside Mafuuba and Wild in order to assist Jiraiya in the final battle against the Sorcerers.
Lightning Ninja Wild
An American ninja from the West descended from Billy the Kid. He works as a bounty hunter and calls himself the "Ninja Sheriff from the North Army". His ninja outfit is made of blue denim. Wields a Magnum revolver along with a knife. In Episode 20, he hunts down Jiraiya in order to collect the bounty offered by the Sorcerers Clan, but joins forces with Jiraiya in the end when the Sorcerers betrays him. Afterward, he begins working for a public entertaining company in order to collect money to pay for his trip back to America and ends up challenging Jiraiya again in Episode 33 to duel. From that point onward, he becomes one of Jiraiya's recurring ally in the battle again the Sorcerers Clan.
Holy Ninja Alamsa
A member of the Holy Ninja Clan, a religious clan that inhabit the desert lands. Wields a large katana and a knife. He has several Ninpo skills such as creating a Sand Blizzard that seals his enemies' weapons in sand, throwing stars that feeds from certain energy sources, the ability to levitate giant objects, and so on. The red stone on his head is the source of his powers. He is ignorant of modern society due to his upbringing. In Episode 21, he is tricked by the Sorcerers Clan into stealing all of the gasoline in Tokyo, but he is taught the errors of his way by Jiraiya and becomes his ally. In Episode 47, he is brainwashed by Madam Spider into destroying Jiraishin, but he comes to his senses before he could accomplish such a task.
Treasure Ninja Jane
A fortune-telling half-Japanese female ninja from Canada who seeks to help her poor hometown. She can shoot a Diamond Shower from her chest. Demost uses her good intentions against her by forcing her to lead Jiraiya to a trap, but ended up saving him instead by giving up her own life.
Fire Ninja Chang Kung-Fu
A 90-years-old ninja from Hong Kong who can control fire. In Episode 4, he cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan in order to obtain the Pako for the purposes achieving eternal youth and immortality. His weapons include a ninja blade, a chain and sickle, a nunchaku, and a three-sectioned staff. He wrap his opponents with his chain and sickle, as well as attack them with his illusionary flames. He also has a special skill called the Art of the Three Illnesses, which causes his opponent to take him lightly, over-analyze the situation and then fill the opponent with fear. After Chang Kung-Fu is defeated, he son seeks revenge on Jiraiya to avenge his death in Episodes 10 and 11. The son, in addition to having the same outfit and abilities as his father, uses a specially prepared type of Ramen noodles from Hong Kong that ties the mobility of his opponents.
Chinese Ninja Lu-Long
A member of a drug cartel from Hong Kong who cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan in Episodes 10 and 11. He has a grudge against Toppa for interfering in his deals in the past. He is a master of the Drunken Fist who wields a Green Dragon Blade and a nunchaku. He can distract his adversaries with his illusions while striking continuously with his nunchaku, as well as create "flame dragon" that attacks with its claws and illusionary flames. He defeated Jiraiya with the help of Chang Kung-Fu's son during their first battle, but both are defeated during the second battle. Voiced by Eisuke Yoda with stunt acting by Tsutomu Kitagawa. The name Lu-Long means "Green Dragon".
Beast Ninja Makumba
A ninja employed by an African guerrilla group. In Episode 7, he becomes involved a smuggling operation with Japan's Miyamura Commercial Affairs, trading the furs of animals he has poached for weapons. He was responsible for the death of Jou, a beloved student of Tetsuzan who was also the chief of the African Wildlife Poaching Control. When the Yamaji family receives news of Jou's death, Jiraiya decides to challenge Makumba, becoming involved with the Miyamura corporation as well. After being defeated by Jiraiya, Makumba's older brother appears in Episode 25 to seek revenge. With the help of the Sorcerers Clan, Makumba's brother captures several animals and causes them to shriek loudly in front of the statue of the evil African god Dada. This causes Makumba's spirit to be brought back to life and challenge Jiraiya.
Strong Ninja Abdad
A ninja from the fictional Democratic Republic of Amel who appears in Episode 8. He is uncle of a young girl named Maira, who was chosen to serve peace ambassador on behalf of Amel. He plots the assassination of his niece in order to turn Amel back into a dictatorial monarchy. Not wanting to kill his elder brother's daughter with his own hands, he hires the Sorcerers Clan to do the deed by paying them with 100-carat diamond. His weapons includes a dagger and a double-barreled handgun. He also uses a ninpo technique that allows him to cause large explosions with a mysterious type of powder. His ninja mask is a turban that wraps his entire face.
Miraculous Ninja Strowver
First appears in Episode 43. He once challenge Tetsuzan for the title of world's best ninja, but lost his right arm in the ensuing battle. After the battle, he replaced his missing arm with a prosthetic one and began to train to seek revenge on Tetsuzan. He decides to do so by targeting Toha. His Art of the Miraculous Light causes his opponents to become blind by shooting them with one million volts of flashing lights from the chest of his golden armor. After Jiraiya becomes blind from his technique, the only thing that can cure him is the root of a red Yamayuri flower that grows only in Mount Kumotori.
Changing Ninja Parchis
A ninja master of disguises who cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan in Episodes 19 and 22. In Episode 31, he steals the treasured Nobutora Sword from a museum in Paris in cooperation with a group of international thieves, but his plot is foiled by Jiraiya. He cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan again in Episodes 40 and 48 before he is defeated for good.
Sound Ninja Uha
A surviving member of the cruel Sound Ninja Clan who dresses like a Komuso-. He cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan to seek revenge on the Togakure school for destroying his clan. When he plays his shakuhachi, he can control his adversary with his People Controlling Ninja Art, as well as cause an illusionary group of ninjas to appear within a fog with his Demon World Encampment Secret Art . Although he is defeated by Jiraiya, he is brought back to life by Dokusai in Episode 32 and begins summoning ghosts at the beach dormitory of the Saint Mariana Girl School in order to lure out a powerful psychic girl and bring her under his control.
Metallic Ninja Gamesh
The boss of the Metallic Ninja Clan, a gang which plots to rule the world by using science for crime. His weapons includes two swords, a sickle and chain that channels electricity, and a boomerang knife which he stores inside his right eyepatch. His Magnetic Storm Metallic Ninja Art causes him to shoot a red laser from his armor and cause a magnetic storm, while his Dark Hiding Metallic Ninja Art allows him to hide in the shadow of his opponent. In Episode 23, he kidnaps three scientists (Dr. Smith, Dr. Brown, and Dr. Schmidt)with the help of the Sorcerers Clan, but his plot is foiled as a result of a quarrel with the Sorcerers Clan and he is ultimately defeated by Jiraiya. In Episode 40, he is rebuilt as "Gamesh 002" and cooperates with Demost to hunt down Jiraiya, but ends up being defeated by Mafuuba.
Water Ninja Silver Shark
An assassin descended from a Caribbean pirate who swims the seas in search of riches. He specializes in underwater combat and wields a harpoon gun. In Episode 24, he cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan in search of Captain Cook's treasure. He returns in Episode 40 to cooperate with the Sorcerers Clan alongside Parchis, but is caught in one of Gamesh 002's traps. He returns again in Episode 48, where he is defeated for good.
Darkness Ninja Devil Cats
An international jewel thief who lives a civilian as the fortune teller Kuroneko . He is very proud of his work and hates being called a petty thief. He wields a variety of weapons and has a ninja art which allows him to produce tarot cards. In Episode 36, he is arrested after being defeated and unmasked by Jiraiya and Reiha. He escapes from jail and in Episode 48, he fights Jiraiya again alongside Parchis and Silver Shark.
Feast Ninja Gyuma
A ninja from Cambodia who seeks to defeat Jiraiya in order to become the world's best ninja and obtain the Pako board. He can shoot an electric shock from his horn. He can create underlings from his own cloth. The original Gyuma is defeated by Jiraiya in Episode 13, but his identity is later assumed by a successor. In Episode 42, Gyuma's successor sends a female ninja named Akiko Masumoto, a dead-ringer of Tetsuzan's late wife, to spy on the Yamaji family. However, Akiko betrays the second Gyuma after befriending the Yamaji family, particularly Manabu.
Space Ninja Demost
An alien who came to Earth from the faraway planet of the Dark Star sometime during the 4th century B.C. He was imprisoned underground at Mount Kongo- by Jiraiya's ancestor, but escapes from his prison as a result of the change in the Earth's crust caused by Jiraishin's resurrection in Episode 37. He begins to plot against Jiraiya in order to use the Pako's powers to obtain all of Earth's resources and return to his home planet. In Episode 41, he obtains the Dark Sword, a laser blade equivalent to Jiraiya in terms of strength. His head can detach itself from the rest of his body and float in the air, as well as be restored after being destroyed once. He can attack and bind his enemies with electric shocks, as well as read his opponent's mind.