Yamaji Family

Yamaji Family
The Yamaji family
are the main characters of the series, descendants of Togakure-ryu-, an ancient ninja order whose duty is to protect the Inscription, a piece of stone that points the location of Pako, a capsule that fell from space somewhere in Japan over 300 B.C., said to be the most valuable treasure in the world.
Toha Yamaji Jiraiya
The protagonist. The 19-year-old adoptive son of Tetsuzan Yamaji. He has been given the task of protecting the Yamaji's half of the clay tablet showing the location of the Secret Treasure Pako. To become Jiraiya, he wears the Jiraiya Suit and wields the deadly Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword to defeat evildoers. He later gains the ability to upgrade his Jiraiya Suit by equipping over it the Jiraiya Power Protector. He works several part-time jobs to support his family. Toha is actually a descendant of the alien that brought the Pako to Earth 2300 years before the start of the series. He was adopted by Tetsuzan when he was an infant after his true parents, Hanzo and Chiyo, were killed.
Actor Takumi Tsutsui filmed his stunts for scenes where Toha wore the first form of the Jiraiya Suit.
Kei Yamaji Princess Ninja Emiha
Tetsuzan's daughter, a 16-years-old high school freshman. She often teases her adoptive brother Toha, leaving most of the housework and chores to him, but cares deeply about him. When she dresses as Emiha to assist Jiraiya, she wears a white ninja armor similar to Jiraiya's. Her special technique, the Cherry Blossoms Rain Ninja Art, allows her to put enemies to sleep with a rain of white cherry blossoms. Her other technique, the Face Copying Ninja Art, allows her to create face masks of other people to disguise herself.
Manabu Yamaji
Tetsuzan's young son, a 9-years-old third grade student. He becomes dissatisfied with himself after feeling that his older siblings and father treat him as being only half-capable as they are. He eventually creates a homemade battle armor as he becomes more involved in the war against the Sorcerers Clan, wielding a slingshot with steel marbles as his main arsenal. He is also a talented artist when it comes to drawing portraits. Manabu makes a guest appearance in Episode 31 of Kidou Keiji Jiban.
Tetsuzan Yamaji
The 34th Grandmaster of the Togakure-ryu- Ninpo- school. The adoptive father of Toha and biological father to Kei and Manabu. His wife Sanae was the daughter of Tetsuzan's master, but she was killed during a crossfire between Tetsuzan and the Sorcerers Clan eight years prior to the start of the series . He opened the Bujinkan ninpo dojo at his own apartment complex, but has received very few students outside his own children. He raises Bonsai trees at his spare time and owns two pets: Shiro, a carrier pigeon; and Kuro, a ninja-trained canine. One of his most notable characteristics is his great knowledge of the World Ninjas.