Bunzo Yazaki
Carlos Togo
An international terrorist. He shot David Akiba to death, but the latter had his body possessed by a space lifeform. Actually, he is David's younger brother. He was on the wrong path due to the matter of losing his parents due to a crime, he has been engaged in a deathmatch with his brother, that was an investigator. However, he burdened for the feelings of his brother, shedding tears even preventing him of committing suicide by throwing off.
Iwao Daimon
The president of Daimon Konzern. He first appeared in Episode 33. He often started to challenge the Exceedraft Team. His true form is a demon. To win the "battle between God and the Devil", he recurred to every means (33-34, 43-44, 47-Final Ep.). He could manipulate his opponents using psychological attacks (In this case, for some reason, it becomes an eloquent tone). Being skilled in fighting, in the last episode, he overpowered Hayato, only to disappear being blown off to the Earth, which has been an incandescent hell, after being struck by Hayato's Cyclone Nova, right after the Earth went back to the normal.