Julio Rivera (B-Fighter Genji)
Full Name: Julio Rivera
Designation: B-Fighter Genji
Weapons: Lightning Cannon, Bright Pointer
Gear: Insect Commander
Episode Appearances: 30-50
Julio Rivera is a nature-loving Peruvian man from the South American Cosmo Academia branch. He taught the mechinal-minded Ran the beauty of the natural world. He played a reed flute which he gave to Ran as a memento of their time together. It is close to prediction ability, it has strange power. He was chosen by the Firefly Medal to become Genji, the Warrior of Light, whose armor is modeled after a firefly. He can create blinding flashes of light, the Max Flasher. His Lighting Cannon fits over his forearm. He can insert one of several types of capsules inside the Lightning Cannon to fluctuate its power. B-Fighter Genji also created the Bright Pointer, athat can fire the Impact Flash that stuns his foes. The Bright Pointer also becomes part of the Input Rifle.