Li Wen (B-Fighter Min)

Li Wen (B-Fighter Min)
Full Name: Li Wen
Designation: B-Fighter Min
Weapons: Ringer Swords, Semission Magazine
Gear: Insect Commander
Episode Appearances: 31-50
Li Wen is a thirty-five years old Chinese man from the Peking branch of Cosmo Academia. Li loves children performs magic shows for them in parks. He is a very peaceful man and a good cook, who hates the war between the B-Fighters and the Melzard. At first, he refused to cooperate when he was chosen by the Cicada Medal. However, Kengo made him realize that the B-Fighters fight in order to stop the fighting, and so he agreed to help as Min, the warrior of sound, whose armor is modeled after a cicada. His chest plates can open to reveal miniature speakers that fire powerful sound waves, called the Sonic Pressure. He the two Ringer Swords, that vibrate at high speeds to cut through objects. Min brought with him the Semission Magazine, a device that can attach to the back of the Input Cardguns and give them elemental powers including flame and lightning. The Semission Magazine also becomes part of the Input Rifle.