Mac Windy (B-Fighter Yanma)
Full Name: Mac Windy
Designation: B-Fighter Yanma
Weapons: Tonbou Gun
Gear: Insect Commander
Episode Appearances: 28-50
Mac Windy is from the New York branch of the Cosmo Academia, and often speaks in broken English phrases. He is a very outgoing man, flirting with Japanese girls at every chance and eating tons of sushi. He was chosen by the Dragonfly Medal to become Yanma, whose armor is modeled after a dragonfly and owns the medal. As B-Fighter Yamma, he is the Warrior of Wind. His attacks include the Spinning Bomber, a jumping spinning punch and the Dragon Flying, in which he spins at high speeds like a tornado and attacking his opponents as he flies by. Tonbou Gun is his gun and it becomes part of the powerful Input Rifle that Kabuto wields.