Ran Ayukawa (B-Fighter Tentou)
Full Name: Ran Ayukawa
Designation: B-Fighter Tentou
Weapons: Tentou Spear, Input Cardgun
Gear: Command Voicer, Beet Scan
Vehicle Road Tentou
Neo Beet Machine: Stealth Gyro
Ran Ayukawa is an eighteen year-old computer expert who left her parent's home at the age of fifteen. She sometimes thinks too much about the technical side of things and ignores the nature of things. She learned this when she met Julio Rivera,B-Fighter Genji, who taught her to appreciate nature. Ran fell in love with Julio but has yet to confess her feelings for him. Ran loves to eat and is skilled at playing the Shamisen, a stringed Japanese instrument. B-Fighter Tentou's armor is modeled after a ladybug (Tentou-mushi). Her specialty is using the Beet Scan scanning capacity in her armor to determine her enemies' weak points. Her Finish Weapon is the Tentou Spear, a spear that can perform the Crossway Slicer, an X-shaped double diagonal slash. She rides the Road Tentou and pilots the Stealth Gyro.