Sophie Villeneuve (B-Fighter Ageha)

Sophie Villeneuve (B-Fighter Ageha)
Full Name: Sophie Villeneuve
Designation: B-Fighter Ageha
Weapons: Bloom Cannon
Gear: Insect Commander
Episode Appearances: 32-50
Sophie Villeneuve is a seventeen-year old genius violinist from the Paris branch of Cosmo Academia, who although she had the Command Voicer, she didn't know what it was for. She is in love with Kouhei, and her song is what was able to awaken the Astral Saber from its sleep. She owns the butterfly medal. As B-Fighter Ageha, the Warrior of Flowers, has white and black armor modeled after a butterfly. As a matter of fact, the Butterfly Fins on her helmet are radar devices that can track enemies. She the Bloom Cannon, a large gun which opens like a blooming flower to fire the Maxim Beam.