When Mother Melzard ingested four of the eight insect medals, she gave birth to four armored fighters named the B-Crushers to counter the seven B-Fighters. They appear from episodes twenty-eight to fifty.
B-Crusher Descorpion
Deathcorpion, the Deadly Poison Armored General, is the leader of the B-Crushers. He has red armor modeled after a scorpion, and is an honorable warrior by nature. Unlike his fellow B-Crushers, he prefers to fight fair and has a true warrior's spirit. He uses the Poison Anchor on his right wrist to hook and strangle enemies and Slaughter Scissors is his red claw-attachment for his left forearm he uses for slashing attacks. He originally wielded the Geist Axe until Kuwaga took it from him when he died.
B-Crusher Mukaderinger
Mukadelinger, the Cold-Blooded Armored General, wears dark blue and gold armor modeled after a centipede. He is a very dishonorable attacker, using innocents as bait and fighting unfairly whenever he can. His primary weapon is the Hundred Feeler trident and can open his chest to reveal an electric gun known as the Mukadenic Bomb. He has the ability to control ordinary humans through mind control by placing his armor's centipede legs on their necks.
B-Crusher Killmantis
Killmantis, the Demon Blade Armored General, has green armor modeled after a praying mantis. He is an expert at utilizing bladed weapons, primarily his two Felinger Snipe sickles that allow him to slice through any material in blinding speed with lightning-fast strikes.
B-Crusher Beezack
Beezac, the Mirage Armored General has yellow and black armor modeled after a bee. He is a master of disguise and illusion, he assumed the form of an ordinary human to lower his victim's sense of security and lure them in for the kill. Much like a ninja, he masterly conceals himself for the pleasure of the attack. When he attacks in the open, he uses the Hardoc Shocker, a large stinger-esque weapon.