Dezzle's Monsters
Dezzle's monsters are water-based creatures.
Trilo-Beast Trilobida
Born from a Trilobite fossil, he was sent to adbuct the girls at Kouhei's school and to absorb the lifeforce from people through his extending tentacles and use it to enlarge himself to giant size. Trilobida was almost invincible until the B-Fighters fired at his weak point, the small trilobyte on his forehead. Reduced to his normal size, he was killed by the B-Fighters.
Episode 2
Shell Turtle Beast Turtle-Geron
Born from an Archelon fossil, the powder scraped from his shell was sold as a calcium supplement called "Bone-Health", but began to harden people's skin into bone. B-Fighters attacked Turtlegeron, but his shell was too hard to be cracked. Though the only flaw was his belly, Turtlegeron covered it. However, it was Kabuto's determination that finally shattered the monster's shell.
Episode 5
Covering Star Beast Starfish-Najiru
Born from a starfish fossil, he could possess people & enhance their agreesive behavior. Targeting Kazyua Yano, the son of Kengo's late senei Ryuzaburo Yano, he used the man's hatred for Kengo to wreck havok across town. He uses smaller starfish parasites from his body to possesses people, turning them into violent slaves under his control. The B-Fighters were forced to retreat as a result. A plan was soon forumlated, while Kengo fights Kazuya, Kabuto & Tento handle the angry mob. The two fortunately learned that electricity was the starfish-parasites' weakness & used free the people with the Electric Shockwave just as Kengo managed to free Kazuya from Starfish-Najiru's control, forcing the monster out of him. Once gathered, the B-Fighters learned that Electric ShockWave was useless on Starfish-Najiru. But Kazuya's Triple Lightning Kick severely weakened Starfish-Najiru enabling Kuwaga to finish him off.
Episode 7
Greedy Fish Beast Coelaganza
Born from a coelacanth fossil.
Episode 11
Hell Sickle Beast Helltoad
Born from a toad fossil.
Episode 13
Changing Body Beast Anemolala
Born from a Sea Anemone fossil.
Episode 15
Sea Scorpion Beast Seascorpia
Born from a Sea Scorpion fossil. In battle, Seascorpia could detach/blast its' arms and its' connected head & stinger tail combo at opponents.
Episode 17
Water Dwelling Beast Kapparapa
A Kappa-themed monster.
Episode 20
Poison Fin Beast Okozezeze
Born from a scorpionfish fossil. Okozezeze could blast stinger darts from its' mouth in battle.
Episode 23