Other Monsters
Some of these creatures were both Raija and Dezzle's monsters.
Tooth Clam Beast Ratclamra
A hybrid monster born from a rat fossil and a clam fossil, combining their strengths. But Ratclamra suffered a spilt-personality: a gentle creature & a sadistic monster. Despite reluctance to kill him, the B-Fighters had no choice.
Episode 9
Evil Snake Beast Snakyuza
A monster that resembles a gorgon from Greek Mythology.
Episode 25-26
Darkness Combined Beast Porcuray
A hybrid monster born from a porcupine fossil and a stingray fossil.
Episode 37
Darkness Combined Beast Meltzura
A fire-breathing monster that resembles a swordfish.
Episode 39
Darkness One-Horned Beast Misty Horn
A monster that resembled a unicorn.
Episode 43
Darkness Devil Beast Zadan
Episode 44
Darkness Wave Motion Beast Dargriffon
A gryphon-themed monster.
Episode 47